Vin is a self-taught artist/photographer based in Orange County (Irvine.)   He believes there’s something beautiful and visually interesting in almost everything if one knows how to simply “see it”.  This photography site is dedicated to the non-traditional, artistic whims of the mind of Vin Weathermon…otherwise known as ViNSaNiTY.

From Vin:

I began as  a kid photographer in the ’70’s, inspired by my Dad who was a photo buff with his darkroom in the garage, making us pose for family portraits so he could practice developing Cibachrome prints.   Although I probably pretended to hate doing it the whole time, I took an interest in shooting.   Through word of mouth I began freelance shooting for friends, portraits and weddings.  I bought an old twin lens Mamiya C330 and handlebar flash and learned how to work with people, posing, lighting and all the technicalities of trying to run my own business and not lose money on the deal.  I was traveling for McDonnell Douglas at the time so I photographed people in Maryland and Arizona when my job took me there.

Since then, I’ve been a semi-professional photographer on and off taking some time out to raise my beautiful daughter.   I’ve done many different types of photography; glamour, commercial/product,  underwater photography too.   My work has been featured in a recent cookbook, various websites, print catalogs, advertisements, tradeshows and newspapers.

Photography thankfully will always be my obsession.


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