My first digital camera

My First Digital Camera: got my first digital paid gig with this camera. Think it cost a few hundred bucks back then.   And you look through the viewfinder; no LCD.

HEWLETT-PACKARD PhotoSmart C-5340A (Konica Q-EZ) – 1997. 1/3-inch 640 x 480 pixel CCD. ISO 100. F/2.8 autofocus 43mm lens. Shutter 1/3- to 1/2000 second.

Even found a review of the camera here: which is great because it is written by a guy who just bought it…and how to get it working on Windows 3!!!!

One thought on “My first digital camera

  1. My first digital camera was a box Halina, where you hold it at waist height and lift the lid to look through the viewfinder. It still works today and still takes sharp clear photos.

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