Holy Moly it has been too long

Been busy with the day job and lately with some “Photographer Mentoring”; wanted to share this with you all.

Copyright 2012 Dick Solo, www.dicksolo.com

Photograph from the Photography Mentoring session with Vin Weathermon; Copyright 2012 Dick Solo, http://www.dicksolo.com

The idea behind Photography Mentoring is that I’d use my love of photography and helping people to provide a service to ordinary people who want to learn various genres of the art.   For example, if you are already good at shooting sports but want to learn how to do studio photography, I’ll setup a shoot for you including:

1. Professional lighting, light modifiers

2. Background, props or other set stuff depending on how fancy you want to go

3. A professional camera and lens if you don’t have one

4. Wireless trigger system with metering

5.  Instruction and tips for posing the subject in the studio setting

6. A model appropriate for whatever you are trying to learn (portrait, boudoir, modeling, etc.)

7. Retouching of your final images (skin smoothing, minor exposure enhancements)

With my Mentoring you get portfolio ready photographs, hands on learning (which really inspires emerging photographers) for about $300.   This is personal instruction (not a room full of photographers sharing the experience) with guaranteed results.   If you are interested in Photographer Mentoring, please do contact me 949-422-8371…Vin

A photograph from a Photographer Mentoring session, with beautiful model Clarke Finney. Copyright 2012 Dick Solo, http://www.dicksolo.com

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