2013 is done and now on to 2014!!

Well friends, it is just about done, 2013 is, and I am ok with that. It has been a tough one for many people but I have high hopes for next year. Here are some of the things that have happened in review…

  • Opened and closed a studio in Santa Ana; it was great fun meeting great artists and other photographers
  • Lost several childhood friends to disease and old age
  • Survived a hectic year at Kofax (some friends leaving, making some new ones too) and avoided several landmines
  • Went on a whirlwind trip to Thailand with Gig and met her really wonderful family
  • Met and worked several gigs with a great cinematographer/director
  • Found out my little dog Tony has diabetes (sucks getting old), learned how to make beef jerky for dog treats and give insulin shots
  • My lovely daughter worked like crazy with multiple jobs, really proud of her, taking care of business
  • Two friends are getting divorced (not fun one little bit) but next year will be less painful I think
  • Took lots of pictures for art’s sake (can’t stop….no really…)
  • Bought a nice Howa 308 rifle and own a range membership…out of practice but it was fun
  • Updated my lighting gear and camera (lots of Ebay)
  • Read lots of fiction on my Kindle (Wool really fascinates me)
  • Photographed some artist friends in their bands
  • Got to play with the excellent Fuji X100S and the Leica M…wow what fun!
  • Put up a bunch of photos at the PhotoDeviant gallery and field trips
  • Did a RAWArtists showing for my fine art nude work
  • Did a killer Anime shoot with my daughter Laurie
  • Refinanced the house (so now I can pay off the house if I live until I’m 84….LOL)

What’s on for next year?

  • Clean the garage…I mean like dumpster time
  • Organize my studio at home to do more work there
  • Plan another vacation with Gig for at least a weekend if I we can’t get away for a few weeks
  • Sell more gear and trade up lenses, etc….the good stuff really matters now
  • Pursue more wall portrait work
  • Stay employed, and not let the job kill me
  • Lose some weight….somehow…gawd I hate exercise and starvation.
  • Pay off the car
  • Keep practicing at the range
  • Do some fine art glamour work (been a long time)
  • Help a friend in need when time comes

Thanks for being my/our dear friends. Wishing you all lots of love and prosperity next year!!

Vin, Gig, Pancake & Tony