READ THIS: Your Photography is FREE If You Make It Interesting

READ THIS: Your Photography is FREE If You Make It Interesting

I will do the creation session free if you can describe a theme or artistic idea that makes the photography a blast, is artistic and different.

You shoot me a comment here with the idea, and I’ll stack up the best ones. The best of these become my promotional material, and of course you get digital files when we’re done. Gallery wrapped giclee and other products are available for purchase online, and of course you’ll be in my gallery. See Caveats at the end…


A. Group settings for family, based on a famous family in history, any period up until the 1980’s. You must be ready to help shop the wardrobe and be "styled" for that period (I will enlist the aid of local MUA’s to help with hair and makeup.

B. Single portraits in the style of a famous painting, complete with period clothing.

C. Doing the work you love to do – describe an interesting way to photograph the work that excites you the most. Not talking just "bring a camera to my workplace", but also that their is a story to tell about leading up to this moment, and possibly what happens thereafter.

D. You come up with some place in Orange County so unusual, so fantastically visually compelling that you’d look awesome being there, while photographed using an uncommon angle.


1. I am the creative director, and you are the stars (and in the creative spirit of the project, sometimes the crew). You must be willing to take part in the creative process, which may require searching for images that convey the concept (a look, a prop, a location, a building). You must also be willing to seek wardrobe for the look, which might take some time.

2. You will need to pick up the expenses (like your clothes, and a makeup artist fee which is at cost) and any travel related expenses. Some locations like the beaches require an annual or day permit which can range from $100 – $375, so some investigating is needed.

2. I reserve the right to stop the free session offer some day, but the "portrait project" concept will continue until I am deceased. Retouched original files with the studio logo will be provided, along with a Print Release (to be used at Costco, etc.)

3. Model release is required for everyone in the portrait. Note that releases may possibly be needed for certain locations, buildings or city facilities.

4. I’ll be posting to Facebook; you must be my Friend in order to participate….

Comment here if you are interested, and post your ideas…if they are too "risque" for the public, then message me 🙂