My pupils don’t match

Went to the neurologist to see about my arm that is going numb. Turns out I have one pupil that is smaller than the others. The doctor asked if I knew this and I exclaimed “News to me!!!” So here’s a photo that has been blown out quite a bit…shows my lovely hooded eyelids, and my right pupil is clearly smaller than my left. Oh goody!


5 thoughts on “My pupils don’t match

  1. I hope it is just a pinched nerve! Have you been staying up to date with your eye exams? Unfortunately, I didn’t. Bah.

  2. Yeah I’m about due for another eye exam and the snake up the old chute too. Eye exams are kinda weird; you go to get them checked, if they are not glaucoma they just give you a new prescription. The more prescription you get, the more you need next time. I don’t think you need twice as much if you skip a year though….but you would have if you kept going.

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