Printer settings for my IPF8300 that seem to work proper

Getting the IPF8300 to print has been a huge problem.

  1. I use a Mac; everyone will tell you that you should use a Windows machine to print because it has more options and is easier overall. They must be right because it sucks on the Mac.
  2. Do not attempt to print with anything other than the Print Plugin for the IPF8300. Resistance is futile. Use the plugin.
  3. Do basic monitor calibration to make sure you aren’t working at too high a gamma
  4. Make sure you have the paper profile installed, provided by the manufacturer. You will need the Canon Media Configuration Tool to get that profile on the printer

Below are the screenshots of my settings that seem to deliver the best prints.

Prophoto RGB is the working space, but preserve embedded profiles for color management. Engine is Adobe ACE.

Us out put profile “auto”, relative colormetric. Note I have the exact paper “media type” selected. This media type is added with the Canon Media Configuration Tool (MCT) and you get the profiles from the paper manufacturer.

You should at least try to calibrate your monitor with whatever you have built in. The gamma should not be too high or you will be trying to compensate to too much for shadow areas in your prints.