Extra Crispy, please!

Crispy Phoenix, a writer in desperate need of work but willing to write about it.   I don’t write a candle to her, and I find writing blogs to be as tedious as emails (which in fact some of my posts ARE emails…).   So I have to admire the pluck of this chick who rolled the dice and landed in Tinseltown, beating the streets with keystrokes and wit.  She’s a smart girl, got her MBA and feeling a little gypped by the whole cost of the thing.    Crispy, like most intelligent people, is expecting that the investment in her education ought to get her that job, the one that makes her dream of being a successful Hollywood writer possible.   Keep the lights on, write her ass off and be proud of her projects.  But she’ll be running on empty soon because this is the third highest unemployment state in the nation and she hasn’t landed yet.  It just sucks. (Crispy, been there kid…eating Jack Mackerel in a can and sleeping on the floor?  Mine may just trump YOUR situation, but let’s not go into the 1980’s cocaine days.)

I’d say if there’s anybody out there that wants a smart, funny writer who doesn’t mind not being one once in awhile, you really oughta check Crispy Phoenix out….she could use the bucks to keep her dream alive and I can truly relate to that.




2 thoughts on “Extra Crispy, please!

  1. I love Crispy Phoenix! I really enjoy her blog. I read it to my elderly patients and they love it so much that they ask about her all the time.

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