So….you bought a Canon IPF8300 did you?

I’m the guy that gets in the wrong line at the grocery store about 70% of the time.   It’s a luck of the draw kind of deal, kind of like my NEW printer, the Canon IPF8300 printer.   It’s big, its beautiful.  It has required a series of service calls totaling FIVE in a span of three weeks.  I’m told I’m one of the FIRST customers to have such catastrophic failures on a model of this quality and I believe them.   It’s not all Canon’s fault however, the service contract folks have done some damage of their own.   Here’s the rundown:

8/13/2010 I ordered from Lexjet
8/19/2010 it arrives in a huge set of boxes strapped atop a double-pallet box.   Took several hours to unpack the printer and set on the stand.   Joyfully I connect software, network, and began test printing.  Then came error 003130031-2f26 which happened every time I attempt to cut a print, forcing a shut down and restart.  After the restart it zips along and cuts the print like its supposed to.   The prints are beautiful though, exactly what I’d hoped for.   It had a problem seeing the paper width too, only seemed to work on the plain paper roll.  
8/22/2010  Called my lexjet rep and he tried some troubleshooting things, nothing worked.  Then called Canon about error 003130031-2f26 and they spent two hours trying a bunch of things.   Said they’d ship some parts and a tech would be by day after next.  A rep from Pitney Bowes gave me a courtesy call, and we scheduled the tech to come out.

8/24/2010 a Pitney-Bowes guy comes out and looks aghast at the large boxes and long tubes of parts that were sent.  He made no bones about it, he’d not worked on this model before and had a hard time believing he was out there to replace all those parts when just a cutter was acting up.   He exploded the parts and put them all back together with some of the new parts.  There were extra parts left over.  He was at this for the entire day; luckily I was able to work from home that day.   When he left, I noticed things hanging off and loosely attached and began to worry.   I ran some test prints and things seemed ok until one began to suddenly take a magenta cast right in the middle of the page.  Everything was magenta after that.  

Emailed Lexjet and they contacted Pitney-Bowes who contacted Canon.  Or something like that.

8/25/2010  Another Pitney-Bowes guy comes out and he makes attempts to check all that the guy did before him.   He thinks things are fine, does a test print and then leaves.

8/26/2010 or thereabouts I’m starting to get frazzled.   More calls to Canon, to Lexjet.  A tech is sent out again only this time he comes with a Canon guy.   Canon guy worked for several hours checking all things and training the other guy in the process.  He wound up replacing something, I forget what.

8/27 – 9/10 two more trips from the Canon guy + the Pitney-Bowes guy.  Seems that the first Pitney-Bowes guy forgot a part that keeps the head from committing hari -kari.   So, it committed hari-kari.   Then the Canon guy happened to have a print head handy and swapped that, magenta went away.   Then the “purge unit” failed, another fun cycle of not being able to do anything.  I have had prints backlogged for two weeks now.

I probably got some of the order of the failures wrong and minimized a number of inconvenient phone calls with Canon support and Lexjet, but suffice it to say that five times repaired in three weeks has to be some kind of tragic record.   The Canon guy takes the last big box containing the “purge unit” with him so the R&D guys can figure out why this happened rather than send it back to RMA.  

Now all these guys have been nice, all have worked extremely hard to fix my iron horse.  It has a great rating, raves for quality and ease of use and was to be a big upgrade to my Epson.   I bought this on reputation, and have been pretty happy with Canon over the many years.

But with the purge unit has gone my patience.    I hope there is no “next time” for failure.